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Grace with Fire photography is the essence of style with perseverance, and I love the idea of opposite forces coming together to create something all together new. it's the salty to the sweet and the peanut butter to the jelly. on their own, wonderful, but together....even better. i digress! 

There is magic in the ability to tell a story without any words.  

I love visual story telling, and I pursue grace with fire to photograph the unique story of you and those you love.  

My passion for photography started as a child sifting through my family's photos and absorbing everything i saw, I spent hours fascinated by the images, and would organize them by each family member. it was so enthralling to imagine what life was like then, or what was going on when the picture was taken. I am so grateful to have so many photos of my family, and understand how important photographs are.

I really enjoy collaborating creative ideas, learning new techniques, shooting outdoors and in the studio. I graduated from the university of florida with a bfa in creative photography and have a minor in art history. To keep current with everything photography related, I am constantly learning new techniques in lighting and editing. i joined the orlando camera club in 2014. and was their secretary for two consecutive years. I won two first place awards in the first orlando camera club competition that i entered. travel is a big part of my life, and i have been very fortunate to have seen southeast asia, europe, canada, and south america.

Please feel free to inquire about how i can capture your unique moments, for second shooting opportunities, or if you have any photography related questions, 



Kimberly Jefcoat 

grace with fire photography



PS: The photo above is from a self portrait series with one of my favorite flowers, the oh so beautiful camellia.