Collaboration and why it matters

There is something quite powerful in the creative collaboration of doing. There is power in numbers, power in the knowledge, strengths, insight and talent that each person brings. 

I recently collaborated with a spectacular group of creative entrepreneurs.  We all showed up, and brought our own unique skills to produce an extraordinary result that would not have been possible without each other. For that very reason, collaborating is an integral part of being part of business regardless if you are in an creative industry or otherwise.

I was contacted by stylist Anna Christmas to be the lead photographer for Giovanna Barrios and her gorgeous collection of luxury exotic leather goods ranging from chic clutches to sophisticated duffle bags, wallets, and accessories---and they had me drooling. I love that she has so many styles, colors, patterns and textiles to choose from.


If Giovanna Barrios' impeccable use of textiles wasn't enough, just throw gorgeous bouquets of peonies from sponsors like In Bloom Florist, amazing threads from Retromended in Orlando and Forema Boutique in Winter Park and the collaboration gets immensely more interesting.


Models Elizabeth Tyler above and Katy Ching below brought the fire when in front of the camera.


Not to mention how great makeup artist Elizabeth Garcia made the model's faces pop, and hair stylists Miranda Buzzella and Kate Vaughn knew exactly what hair styles would compliment the fashions each model wore.

The power lies in our abilities together. 


Olivia just owning it 


As is Madeline